Lucifer LXF2005 1/6 Exiled Heirs "Demon"


Box Set

Lucifer LXF2005 1/6 Exiled Heirs "Demon"

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Product Details:

  • Dark Elf Head Sculpt
  • Body
  • Voxel
  • Weapon Strap
  • Neck Armor
  • Blade Shoulder
  • Upper-arm Amour 2x
  • Arm Amour 2x
  • Butterfly Breastplate
  • Belly-squeezed Hanging Stone
  • Hollow Waistcoat
  • Crotch Protection
  • Chain Knife 6x
  • Chain Knife Chain
  • Back-support of Chain Knife
  • Legend of Thigh
  • Lower-leg 2x
  • Spirit Boots 2x
  • Field Stair Platform (That Can Be Joint to The Platform of Elf Queen)
  • Hand type x6